About Kandie Gang

The Kandie Gang is the most inclusive cycling community in Hamburg and possibly in Germany. We focus on empowering FLINTA* and BIPOC (without excluding men).

Diverse at heart. Diverse from the start.

Summer 2019

With a long history in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg, Germany the Kandie Shop has been neighbours with Suicycle since its inception in 2002.


Kathi (all-round biking enthusiast) saw an opportunity to provide a more inclusive cycling community than what was out there. She approached Kerstin (former owner of the Kandie Shop) about the idea

Smash the patriarchy / Kandie Bike
Smash the patriarchy
Photo: Jeremy Abbett

Social Rides

The summer of 2021, after the global pandemic had everyone longing for more togetherness, we started to offer social rides. The early ones had a mix of old-school ten-speeds, fix- gears and an occasional tandem bike. They were always party pace and never on the Deich.

Our success was also a challenge as by the end of summer, our group rides had over eighty riders making it a challenge to keep the fun factor while maintaining a safe ride.


A Year Later

With safety being a paramount, we institute a ticketing system to keep the amount of participants at a safe ratio to our Kandie Gang Ride Guides. We also offer four different levels based on the groups level of experience and self-confidence in group rides. In spite of these new measures, we have still have over 80 participants on nearly every social ride. 

Photo: Kerstin Rose

It's the people...

Kerstin Rose

Kandie Gang
Kathi Sigmun

Kathi Sigmund

Kandie Gang Team

Jeremy Abbett

Kandie Kollektiv
Kandie Gang Guides

Inner Circle

Our steering committee

It’s about Street life.

It’s about Urbanity.

It’s about Getting Together.

It’s about Having Fun.

It’s about Riding.

It’s about Adventure.

It’s about Getting Out.

It’s about Freedom.

It’s about Nature.

It’s a Love Story.

no gender. no race. no ignorance. no hate.

just love. just tolerance. just peace.

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