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Ride of the Week

Join the Kandie Gang for the Human Rides at 10:00 this Sunday for a 14km mini-mass🪧.

Family-friendly, party pace.

Our Mission

to provide a safe space that brings FLINTA* and BIPOC closer to cycling culture


FLINTA* stands for all those people who are routinely marginalized or discriminated against in a patriarchal heteronormative society – people that are Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-Binary, Transgender, Agender and any gender in-between or outside of the designations listed above.


Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are anyone who identifies as Black, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Alaskan Native, Desi, Asian, Pacific Islander, Chicanx or Latinx. BIPOC is an attempt to center the violence, systemic racism, and cultural erasure against Black and Indigenous people.


The term ally refers to those who use their →privilege to act in →solidarity with minority or marginalized groups. In other words, they ally themselves with a discriminated group, even though they themselves may not be affected. It is about actively supporting marginalized groups with active being the key.

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